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They're making it easier and easier to live in a car these days...



We at Winterial believe in providing people with the best experiences whether it be outdoors and in the mountains, or in the car traveling to your next adventure.  We like comfort, and we love to feel good.  If you are constantly trying to get comfortable while attempting to sleep in the car, we have your new solution, our Mobile Inflatable Car Mattress.  

Designed for both sedans and SUVs, our mobile inflatable air mattress will allow you to sleep, rest, and relax in comfort.  We have designed our mattress to feel soft and comfortable.  The inflation bed can be divided into 2 parts, which can be blown up separately.  Our mattress can handle the heat as well as the weight, with the ability to withstand temperatures from -13 to 140 degrees F, and a Maximum load of 800 pounds.  The Mattress is 3.1 inches thick.

Our Mobile Inflatable Air Mattress is your new solution to finding the ultimate comfort while traveling or attempting to sleep in your car.

Our package includes:

1 x Car Air Mattress

1 x Car Air Pump

1 x Repair patch and glue kits


  • QUALITY: Mobile Inflatable Air Mattress is Soft and Comfortable but Tough and Durable for Camping and Traveling
  • QUICK and EASY: Backseat Mattress Comes with Car Air Pump which Easily Inflates Mattress to your desired firmness
  • VERSATILE: Matress has Two Seperate Sections to Best Fit Sedans and SUVs. Blow Up only the Sections you Need to Fill your Backseat or Cargo Area with the Bed you Deserve when Traveling
  • DURABLE: This air mattress comes With Double-sided Flocked Material with Weatherproof Cold Resistant Features
  • UNIQUE: Winterial's SUV Mattress is Made to Fit almost All SUVs and Sedans with it's Flawless Design and Sleek Black Flocked Material, Take this with you Camping, Traveling or even to the Drive In Theaters