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No more lonely nights!

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

This is it! The Original Boyfriend Pillow, a world renowned and much talked about body pillow that has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show, YouTube and CNN’s Anderson Cooper! It has even ‘co-starred’ in the hit television series Glee!! Ignore the imitators and lay your hands on the original and unbeatable Boyfriend Pillow!!!


Hugs are healthy

This pillow is far more than just cute and comfy, but can actually be beneficial to your health too! Everyone needs a hug! And this cotton fiber, down-free pillow won’t trigger or aggravate allergies.

Classic Boyfriend Pillows are just as multi-functional as they are fun. Buy this pillow to treat yourself to the ideal boyfriend experience, in the event that you’re leading the single life or away from your man.


Fall in Love

We ensure the quality, craftsmanship and comfort of our Boyfriend Pillow. In-fact, we're so confidant you'll fall in love with our Boyfriend Pillow.

Spray a mist of your loved one's favorite cologne, lay back, close your eyes and let the memories flood in


Keeping your Boyfriend Pillow looking newer longer is simple and easy!

-Remove the T-Shirt from the Body (or shell).

-Machine Wash the shell on Cold.

-Machine Wash the T-Shirt Delicate Only.

-Tumble Dry.